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When your parents are too cheap to get real superheroes for your birthday party

i would pay extra for this

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One tough day is nothing when I look back at everything I’ve pushed myself to overcome recently. it’s easy to keep going when I remember that. 

Through him, I unearthed
thirty-one ways to grieve
until the moonlight twists
itself into dawn, to mourn
what cannot be changed,
to feel angry at him, the
world, anything that
reminded me I was not
content with myself.

But through him, I also
stumbled upon a thousand
reasons to blossom alone,
embracing a future that
does not deserve to sit
on the sidelines, waiting
for someone to push
me on-stage.

I never thought I would
thank you later, but two
years later, I thank you.

Noor ShirazieRipping Off the Band-Aid
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when the plane is shaking violently
you wonder will the sky change into heaven
and if all fails, who is in your last thought then?